Neymar signed with PSG – A good or bad decision for him?

Yesterday was another historic day in the world of football. In the last seasons we are getting use to see the highest amount transfer record is being broken over and over. While in the past it was truly a historic date, it seems like almost every summer we have at least one bomb transfer. Gareth Bale, Paul Pogba but it seems that no one will ever believe that Paris St. Germain, richer as they be, will ever pay the imaginary release  clause of 222M to sign the Brazilian superstar. It’s like Barcelona themselves insert this clause as they believed that no one will ever be willing to pay this. But I guess that PSG owner had different plans.

So, after all the media around the world deal with this rumor for the past month, yesterday came the official announcement from the Parisian club: Neymar jr. singed for 5 years and will earn an astronomic salary of 31,000,000M per year! If we want to accurate more, the Brazilian will take home 3,500 every hour. Of course that it makes him the highest-paid in football, yes even more then Messi and Ronaldo.


Neymar with PSG uniform for the first time. Will be the highest-paid football player in the world

But here’s the one million euro question: Is this what Neymar needed at his prime? I mean, it’s not like his wage in Barca was minimum…If we take aside all his father’s interest which is more probably only the money and the commission that he will receive from this deal, I personally think that Neymar did a good decision. Unlike many people who don’t understand why he should move from maybe the best team in the world for and average plus team in Europe or Barca fans who already called him a gold digger, Neymar moved to PSG first for the challenge.


In a way, Neymar is very much a Cristiano Ronaldo look-alike. More than they care about the money, they care about being the best. Both of them are full with ego and yes, being as the highest-paid player in the world surely add to your ego. But most important, Neymar wants to be honored as the best player in the world. In Barca he had a small “problem” called Messi. It’s not a secret to anyone, surely not to Neymar himself, that as long as Messi will play there, Neymar at max can be maybe the second best player in the team, and even there he has a competition with Luis Suarez. But now, when he’ll be the main focus of PSG, depend of course on his numbers and achievements, Neymar can finally aim towards the Ballon D’Or trophy.


Doesn’t want to be in the shadow of Leo Messi anymore. The MSN, maybe the best trio ever

We said that Neymar like challenges, right? He doesn’t have one in Barca anymore. He already achieved every team trophy with Barca and if he would stay he would continue to win trophies most likely, but all of them would have put him always in Messi’s shadow. In France he will win the Ligue 1 most probably since PSG becomes now the main favorite even if M’Bappe will stay in Monaco, but Paris didn’t bring him to win the French league. They already did it many times without spending 222M. PSG wants the Champions League for the first time, PSG wants tio get rid of their loser mentality which we saw perfectly last year, when they won Barca 0-4 in the Champion League Knock-out stage but lost the series after losing 1-6 in the second leg. With Neymar they hope that this mentality will change. It is not a secret that both Manchester City and PSG are in big pressure due to their lack of European titles comparing to their endless funds, but for PSG the possibility to win this Euro trophy seems more real, especially now. Just imagine Neymar’s feeling if he’ll take PSG to win the Champions for the first time on Barca’s expense. Another reason for him was to reunite with his best friend, Dani Alves, whom himself has a full stomach on Barca.


Won every trophy with Barcelona. Now would like to do the same with PSG.

The only problem I have is with the amount. I think the owners have lost it. I know that most like Paris will cover Neymar’s fee with selling shirts, merchandise etc., but they lost proportion. Personally I think that no players in the world, including Messi and Ronaldo, shouldn’t be above the club and shouldn’t be worth more then a 50M top. Yes, even if they sell millions of shirt. This game is getting more and more of a rich games and due to that fact, the Champions League becomes more and more boring tournament of 3-4 major clubs. Legendary clubs in the past like Ajax, Liverpool, or Inter, cannot compete in this new game. And to spend 222m on just one player in order to achieve one tournament? And what will happen if Neymar will injury in training and will have to miss the remaining of the season, god forbid? I don’t know, it seems too risky to me.


Barca on their hand di what they had to do. It wasn’t a secret that Neymar wasn’t happy and the worse thing for both sides is to keep an unhappy player, especially one of the stars, in the team. so they took the money and ran away. Now they have too much spare money to reinforce the team in its weak spot – the defense. I just to accept the voice inside the club and from the fans, who expected from Neymar to be faith for the club. Why? This is his job. He never grew there like Messi and even if he was, he entitle to leave his work place to another place who triple his salary, something we all would have do if it would happen to us.


Once again reunite with his best friend, Dani Alves, in PSG

I have a good feeling about this transfer and for Neymar it will happen in a World cup year. A good season of him will promise Brazil to receive its superstar in full force for the up coming World Cup in June. On the other hand, if Neymar won’t adjust and will fail in Paris, especially after a huge price tag, it can cost Brazil their tournament as well.

Optimist scenario – Neymar lead PSG to win the double in France and most important, lead them to win Barcelona in the Champions League final for the very first time. No one will even mention his price again.

Pessimist scenario – Our favorite El Tigre Falcao did it again! Another good season from the Colombian left PSG once again without the french championship when Neymar couldn’t score more then 13-15 goals. In Europe PSG ended their way in the knock-out stage after losing twice to Barcelona. At Camp Nou stadium, a dead pig head is being tossed at Neymar before taking a corner kick. So, what scenario it’ll be?



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